School students display creative thoughts in SIBF

Sharjah:  Students thoughts and imaginations came through creative expression at a contest organised by Siraj News in association with Sharjah International Book Fair on Saturday. The event took place at the ballroom of Sharjah Expo Centre attracted number of students from various schools from Northern Emirates. 

Painting contests were held on the theme for Junior and Senior level. Senior students draw Doodle of Sharjah International Book Fair, when it comes in Google homepage. Although the medium was pencil amazing creations generated by students within the minutes. The venue an exuberant bunch of people ranging from teachers, parents, art students, children and adults from different fields. A group of judges led by senior artists took around half an hour to decide who the winner was and select best picture. All pictures are unique figurines bringing new imaginary levels.

Students group of age 8-12 draw a picture of My School with crayons.  many of them participated in few painting contests, gave shape to their ideas on paper with high impressions. They draw the premise of the school with an eye watch from different corner. Ariel view of the school also was among them.group1group2

“Art has become a way of life. It give them to see the world with its reality”, a parent said.

Siraj News  also conducted Inter School Quiz Competition, which was conducted for students of secondary level, who are registered earlier.

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Siraj-SIBF Art Competition

Siraj News Daily is conducting an Art Competition for school students in connection with Sharjah International Book Fair 2018, for the sixth consecutive year. At this year the competition is conducted in two categories. Age group and theme for each categories are as follows:

Senior (Age group of 13 to 15 yrs)

Theme – Doodle of Sharjah (Media: Pensil) (To design a doodle for Sharjah International Book Fair in my view if it comes in google homepage)

Junior (Age group of 8 to 12 yrs)

Theme – My School (Media: Crayons) This is a free contest and open to all Schools and students.

Date : Saturday 3rd November 2018 Time : 9:30 to 11:30 AM

Venue : Ballroom, Sharjah Expo Centre

Attractive prizes and certificates will be awarded to the winners and schools. We kindly request you to enrol with the name of your school. Pre registraton is mandatory

A confirmation email with entry pass shall be emailed to the email provided with the registration. We are very excited about this contest and are eager to see your students’ active participation and exploring their creativeness.

For more info, please do not hesitate to contact us on: 055 2293344/ 050 6614474/ 055 2434259.






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