KKN Kurup attends Siraj Majlis


Dr. K.K.N. Kurup, former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Calicut and famous historian attended Siraj Majlis on 7/11/2017. Dr. Hussain Randathani and Dr. Sakeer Hussain also present on the dias.

Dr. Kurup nodes about the recent strategy of Indian rulers to rewrite history using various myths. Myths should be considered as myth, not as history. 

Tipu was a ruler who kept religion and administration as separate entities. The destruction of temples in Malabar has been attributed to him by British historians. No one cares about his contribution to reconstructing the Sringeri Sharada Math when the Marathas looted it. He said that Malabar, as well as Kodagu, were fragmented states at the time and that Tipu’s invasion was to pay off the taxes he owed to the many rulers.

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